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Top 7 WordPress plugins

WordPress is a fantastic blogging tool. I have it set up to run this very Studio51 blog and I love every aspect of it. It’s dead easy to set up and use, and it just works straight out of the box.

I thought I would give you a collection of my favorite WordPress plugins. I use all of them on this very site.


Akismet is a fantastic spam fighter! It is without question the very first plugin that everybody should install on their newly set-up WordPress account. Once activated through an API key that you can obtain on, it will automatically thrash spam comments on your blog posts.

Download Akismet


The plugin All in One SEO Pack was for long considered the very best plugin used to handle your site’s search engine optimization. However, I strongly recommend using HeadSpace2 instead. It allows even greater control over all your site’s pages and posts. The level of customization is just stunning.

Download HeadSpace2


Simple name for a simple plugin. Every time one of your readers make a comment and writes in the address to their own blog, this plugin goes looking for the latest blog post on that site and displays it under the author’s comment. Cool way to give something back to the reader for taking the time to comment!

Download CommentLuv

Fluency Admin

This one is perhaps not one noticable to your readers, but rather to you, the adminstrator. It completely re-amps the admin interface, replacing the sidebar buttons with hover menu’s, making navigation easier. I personally like this look better than the default one, but this is down to personal choice.

Download Fluency Admin

Google XML Sitemaps

This goes hand in hand with HeadSpace2 or any other SEO plugin you may have installed. It will generate a XML sitemap, making it easier for Google robots to index your site.

Download Google XML Sitemaps

Socialize This

Generates a set of icons to every one of your blog post, allowing the reader to share your posts on a social network. You can customize which social networks to use, and even download other themes to change the look. And as a bonus – this plugin can automatically update your Twitter with a link to your latest blog post every time you publish something new.

Download Socialize This


It’s really important to constantly back-up your work – you never know when your server might have a breakdown and you lose all your work. This plugin allows you to back-up your database, either manually or automatically on a set interval, browse your tables, optimize your database, etc. Highly recommended!

Download WP-DBManager